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We believe in the power that education has to change our communities. Education is the key to more opportunities, stronger neighborhoods, and brighter futures. Your educational institution is integral to a thriving community, which is why we make it our business to foster your growth and support your vision.

Our bankers take a collaborative approach, exploring your financial needs, long-term goals and the complexities of your institutional operations to find areas where we can lend our expertise and connect you to the banking solutions you need. Together, we can make education more accessible and our communities even stronger.

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~ 300

Public school districts served


Founded to serve customers and communities in our region.


of commercial transactions are handled digitally every year

Solutions that make your job easier

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Comprehensive business checking

Bremer business checking solutions grow with your institution to help you manage even your most complex cash flow needs.

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Competitive business money market

Receive easy, free checking and ATM access to your money with higher, variable interest rates.

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Worry-free Virtual Vault

Use Virtual Vault onsite to improve the speed and safety of handling, depositing and transporting cash.

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Best-in-class retirement plans

Attract and retain top talent with easy-to-manage retirement plans designed to empower employees to pursue their own financial goals.

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Efficient Integrated Payables

Implement web-based Bremer Integrated Payables to reduce processing costs, save time and improve control while ensuring business partners and vendors are paid efficiently.

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Secure treasury management

Optimize your cash flow and working capital with secure, scalable treasury management solutions designed to keep things running smoothly.

Bremer understands our needs as a nonprofit and is able to offer important technical assistance, financial advice and banking options that make sense for us.

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