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The routing number for Bremer Bank is 096010415.

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Report lost or stolen card

Contact Cardmember Services at 800-558-3424.

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General Help

Also referred to as RTN, routing transit number, ABA, or bank routing number, your routing number is a nine-digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks. The routing number for Bremer Bank is 096010415.

To locate your routing number for checking, savings, and money market accounts, look at the numbers along the bottom edge of your check.

  • Personal accounts: The routing number is the first set of nine-digit numbers.

  • Business accounts: The routing number is the second set of nine-digit numbers.

Subject to certain conditions, single and joint accounts are separately insured, and revocable trusts generally provide $250,000 of coverage per beneficiary. Additionally, all bank depositors can have insurance coverage in excess of the basic limits of $250,000 per institution, with an additional $250,000 per institution for IRAs.

Bremer Bank offers several options to expand your FDIC Insurance coverage. Speak with your banker for more information.

Often, your employer will have a required form for you to complete in order to set up payroll direct deposit. Ask your employer for this form.

You can find your account number printed on the bottom of your checks:

  • Personal accounts: The account number is the second set of numbers, following the routing number.

  • Business accounts: The account number is the first set of numbers.

Contact your local branch or call 800-908-2265. A driver's license or other documentation may be required.

The easiest, fastest way to order more checks is through online banking. Go to to access Online Banking for your personal accounts. Once logged in, go to the Customer Service menu and select Order Checks.

You may also order checks by phone at 800-908-2265, in person at any Bremer Bank branch or by mail by completing the check reorder form provided in your last box of checks.”

You can have your loan payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account at no cost to you. Download our enrollment form to authorize automatic payments on your loans. After you have completed and signed the form, submit it to us:

  • In person. At any Bremer Bank location

  • By mail. Send it to Bremer Service Center, MN-001-23FO, PO Box 1000, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

  • By fax. Fax it to 651-734-4214

At Bremer Bank, we provide you with the tools to help you meet your financial goals. That starts with this downloadable Personal Banking Switch Kit, which includes:

  • A direct deposit transfer form to redirect your automatic deposits to your new Bremer account.

  • An automatic payment change form to transfer your automatic payments to come from your new Bremer account.

  • An account closing form that you can provide to your former bank when you’re ready to close your account.

The document includes other helpful tips and information to make your account transition smooth and seamless.


An overdraft takes place on an account when an item is presented for payment and the account does not have sufficient funds to pay the item in full. For more information, download our guide, "What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees."

Online Banking Help

Getting Started

You will be asked for personal and account information. We suggest having your last statement balance or account-opening balance on hand. Additional detailed information about the enrollment process is found in our Online Banking Help.

To protect your account, you may be prompted for an extra level of security. Our online system takes into account multiple factors that may prompt an additional level of security. For instance, if your system does not allow cookies or if this is the first time logging in from this device, you will be prompted for the security code.

To get the most out of Online Banking, we suggest following these three steps after your first login:

  1. Sign up for Online Statements. Go to the Customer Service menu and select Change document delivery method.

  2. Enroll in Bill Pay. Go to the Pay and transfer menu to get started. Then simply enter and save your commonly-paid bills for future access, and paying bills will be easier than ever.

  3. Add Mobile Banking. Download our free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, then follow the steps to activate mobile access. You’ll be able to check balances, pay bills to saved payees and more, all from your smartphone.

Using the system

Make it easier to pay any bill, any time. Store your payee information by using the Pay and transfer menu. If you wish to pay bills from our mobile app on your smartphone, you will need to set up the payee from a traditional desktop online banking session first.

Yes. The Bremer Bank Mobile Banking app - available from App Store or Google Play - offers the ability to make mobile deposits. When making a mobile deposit, please take note of the following best practices:

  • Remember to endorse the back of the check. Please include "For Bremer Bank Mobile Deposit" in the endorsement.

  • Note when you made the deposit. We suggest noting on the front-side of the check the date on which you made your mobile deposit.

  • Retain your check for a period of time.Retain the original check for at least five days - or until the deposit is confirmed as fully available in your account - before destroying in a secure manner.

Go to Customer Service > Manage alerts to choose from available account and security alerts.

First, sign up for online statements by going to Customer Service > Change document delivery method. You will receive an email when your regular account statement is ready to view. It can be found by going to Accounts > Statements.

Log in to Online Banking and go to the Pay and transfer menu. Then select Get started with External Transfers. Follow the on-screen prompts to establish your external account(s) for transfers. You will need to validate that external account before transfers can be made.

Only account owners can make external transfers. To make an external transfer through Online Banking, the external account must be established first.

Additional how-to instructions and frequently asked questions are available in the Help feature within Online Banking.


As the error message states, either an incorrect User ID or password was entered. (In most cases, we find this message is the result of entering an incorrect User ID.) Go to again – do not use your Back key, but instead re-type into the address bar of the browser – to begin the login process again. If you continue to get this error message, call Bremer Customer Support at 800-908-2265 to confirm your Online Banking User ID.

This error message indicates that the password entered does not match the associated User ID. Try logging in again, or use the Reset it yourself link located just below the Password field.

If you are being prompted to use a one-time security code, but the online banking system does not recognize or provide your phone number, call 800-908-2265 for further assistance.

To avoid this issue in the future, you will need to update your phone number(s) on record with us. After you have logged in, go to the Customer Service menu then Manage contact information.

Look in the lower-left or upper-right corner of your browser to see if a pop-up blocker has activated. Change your browser settings or options to always allow pop-ups from this website. Some newer browsers may need to have compatibility mode enabled. Look for your browser’s Tools or Options menu and select Compatibility View.

In order to view an account in online banking, you must be an account owner.

  • If you are an authorized signer or Power of Attorney on the account: The account will not display in online banking. Instead, you may access the account in branches, through ATM or debit card transactions, and by contacting Bremer Customer Support at 800-908-2265.

  • If you are a Trustee, Guardian, Personal Rep, Rep Payee, VA Fiduciary, Custodian or Conservator on the account: Please talk with a personal banker at the Bremer Bank near you to validate the account’s signature card. The personal banker can also help process a request to add online banking access to the account(s) in question. Until this is complete, you may continue to access the account in branches, through ATM or debit card transactions, and by contacting Bremer Customer Support at 800-908-2265.

  • If you are an account owner, but still cannot view the account, please contact a personal banker or call Bremer Customer Support at 800-908-2265 to research the issue.

Our personal Online Banking solution is not designed to support business accounts.

If you wish to access both your personal and business accounts through one online banking session, we encourage you to enroll in our Business Online Banking solution.

Bremer Bank occasionally advertises our own products and services just after login. If you see third-party ads during your session, you may wish to install a pop-up blocker and refer to your security software. If the issue persists, you may wish to consult a computer expert for assistance.